Accuride Forged Aluminium Wheels

Accuride aluminum forged wheels are one of the lightest on the market.

Accuride aluminum wheels are forged from a single block of aluminum, without welding. The lightness and durability of the Accuride forged aluminum wheels is recognized all over the world and approved by the LBF certification of the Fraunhofer Institute.

Using Accuride forged aluminum wheels, the weight is considerably reduced, which increases the truck’s payload, reduces operating costs and improves profitability.

Accuride forged aluminum wheels get better heat dissipation in the wheel, which helps lower fuel consumption, less tire wear and increases the life of the suspension and brakes of your truck. All this represents a reduction in maintenance costs.

DupleX-One Wheels

Accuride’s DupleX-One wheels – available in steel and aluminum – offer a unique method to reduce fuel expense or increase payload capacity by replacing traditional dual wheel sets with one 22.5” x 14.00” wheel on tandem-axle tractors and trailers.

Aluminum Wheel Finish Options

Accuride offers multiple finishing options on its aluminum wheels so that our customers can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Extra Polish – XP

This ultra-polished finish on both sides of the wheel is exclusively available on select aluminum wheels.

Accu-Shield® Aluminum Wheels

Low Maintenance. Easy Cleaning Finish

Accu-Shield® aluminum wheels were designed and engineered to have, and keep, their bright, shiny appearance even under the rigorous conditions of the trucking industry. Accu-Shield aluminum wheels clean quickly and easily with only mild soap and water or standard non-abrasive household cleaners, saving time and money on polishing and maintenance.

The Accu-Shield treatment can be specified to enhance the XP and SP polishes. Cannot be combined with the Accu-Armor surface treatment.

To protect the finish of Accu-Shield wheels, Accuride highly recommends the use of Wheel-Guard separator plates.

Accu-Armor™ Aluminum Wheel Surface Treatment

Scratch and Corrosion Resistant. Very Low Maintenance. Ideal for Vocational Use

Accuride’s distinctive Accu-Armor™ premium aluminum wheel surface treatment is ideal for applications that require low maintenance and corrosion-resistant performance. Accu-Armor wheels are highly resistant to the kinds of scuffs and scratches that occur during normal wear and should never corrode. This makes them ideal for use in vocational settings where weight sensitivity and low maintenance are key.

Accu-Flange™ Aluminum Wheels

Reduces Rim Flange Wear. Extends Wheel Life

Protecting your aluminum wheel investment just got easier with Accu-Flange™ aluminum wheels from Accuride.

Its special protective coating at the wheel’s peak wear surfaces minimizes abrasion between the tire wall and wheel rim, significantly extending the service life of your wheels. That’s money-saving news for fleets that carry heavy loads and loads prone to shifting such as logs, metals, gravel, liquids or even passengers. The advantages also apply to fleets making frequent stops and starts, such as those in transit or refuse applications.

Accu-Flange™ keeps your wheels and tires in service longer, lowering your total cost of operation. That’s the durability, performance and value you can count on from Accuride.